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What is the Michael Chekhov Technique?

Michael Chekhov (1891 - 1955) referred to by Stanislavski as his 'most brilliant pupil', was an actor and director with Stanislavski's Moscow Art Theatre (MAT). He developed his own acting method, and taught it at the MAT, and later in England and the USA. His understanding of the creative nature of the human being, and the practical needs of the actor, led him to find new tools for the actor and director involving imagination, and psycho-physical techniques that enhance the mind/body connection.

Central to the technique is the development of artistic feelings on stage that do not rely on personal memories to call up emotions. Chekhov's method respects the actor as a free creative artist. His tools give the actor a means to explore their own personality beyond its limits. Central to this is the psychological gesture, for creating the character. Students and advocates of Michael Chekhov include Clint Eastwood, Marilyn Monroe, Gregory Peck, Anthony Hopkins, Johnny Depp and Jack Nicholson to name but a few.